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Hiring a web design service should not feel intimidating or overwhelming.

You have enough to worry about with your own business and clients.

We believe that high-quality web design should be attainable for small and large businesses alike. Hallway Designs provides intelligent, thoughtful, and personalized web design services tailored to your individual needs.

Whether it’s a turnkey website or fully managed ongoing service and support, we will continue to be a partner in your success as your business needs change and grow. 

Behind the Screen:

Unveiling the Hidden Components of a Website

The website you see, includes the design, the color palettes, font choices, photos, graphics, forms, and content.

The website you don't see, includes hosting configuration and management, domain management, DNS configuration, SSL certificate, backup/restore, maintenance and updates, CDN, security, image optimization, page speed optimization, SPF, DMARC, DKIM, and email SMPT configuration- just to name a few.

Beautiful Tree w/Roots

Experience personalized web design & services

Website Design

Whether you need a website designed from scratch, a refresh, or a total redesign, Hallway Designs has you covered.

Website Management

Content updates, WordPress and plugin updates, off-site backups, restore, page speed optimization, and security all help keep your site running smoothly.

Hosting & Domain

We offer hosting and domain configuration and management solutions to fit your business needs and budget. DNS • Nameservers • SPF • DMARC (and reporting) • DKIM • CDN • SSL Certificate

Social Media Management

Facebook, "X" (Twitter), Instagram, TikTok Help promote and grow your business with social media posts and integration.

About Hallway Designs

Who is Hallway Designs?

Hello, I’m Allison, the proud owner of Hallway Designs. I genuinely appreciate your interest in getting to know me better. My lifelong passion for technology and gadgets has been a driving force in my journey. My family will tell you the story of how difficult it was to find a working phone in our house due to my constant tinkering and reverse engineering. This inquisitive nature eventually transitioned into PC building, networks/networking, A/V, and website design. I am continuously learning and embracing new technology and trends to benefit my clients and their needs.

My educational background and bachelor’s degree in business uniquely position me to comprehend both the financial intricacies of running a business and the critical technical aspects of maintaining a strong online presence. I approach each project with intelligent, thoughtful, and purposeful design. I’m dedicated to working closely with you to identify the most effective strategies for your business and implement systems that not only ensure your present success but also pave the way for your future growth. I eagerly anticipate the opportunity to collaborate with you.

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Allison Hall

Founder & CEO

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